Professional Development
Program Details

Benefits of the Program:

Become a highly skillful, confident communicator in any situation - one-on-one, small groups, or large audiences

Master body language and vocal techniques to project authority and credibility

Develop persuasive abilities to influence people and get buy-in for your ideas

Learn to handle objections, tough questions, and challenging conversations with poise

Gain storytelling skills to captivate your audience and drive your points home

Build a powerful, charismatic personal presence that commands respect

Overcome fears like public speaking anxiety and self-doubt around communication

Program Timeline


Busting your false self-beliefs

  • Busting your false self-beliefs 
  • Understand your unique strengths and develop an unshakeable confidence in your speech style


Mastering your vocal presence

  • Study and practise the physical cues of world-class speakers and communicators
  • Improve your body movements, gestures, eye contact, and vocal tonality


Say the right words at the right time

  • Build your vocabulary & pronunciation
  • Enhance your pronunciation and enunciation to speak like a professional


Own your voice & command authority

  • Work on your tone, pitch and volume of your voice
  • Learn to project expertise and credibility with your voice


Speak Sharp & Smart

  • Structure your thoughts in a logical way 
  • Present your views in a smart manner which builds clarity and impact


Captivate & inspire audiences

  • Craft compelling narratives that make your messages memorable and impactful
  • Develop an authentic, charismatic persona that augurs credibility 


Practise to perfect

  • Extensive role-playing, live presentations, and instant feedback sessions
  • Apply all skills in mock workplace scenarios, meetings, pitches, etc.


Project your executive presence

  • Command attention and establish credibility, enhancing the impact of your presence.


Influence with ease

  • Master psychological techniques to dissolve resistance and get people to agree
  •  Learn frameworks for addressing tough questions and pushback seamlessly


Asserting your point of view

  • Add depth to your conversation through active listening and articulating assertively
  • Understand the power of powerful questioning to explore meaningful information


Successfully navigate crucial conversations

  • Learn to handle critical and crucial conversations in various context
  • Master the art of handling emotions through impactful dialogues


Speaking and presenting confidently in front of large audiences

  • Positive phrases and body languages to use while speaking in public
  • Create a lasting impact and a memorable closing in your speech


Bonus Content

  • Develop the skills to come up with interesting POVs in a conversation or meeting
  • Learn to give feedback to anyone with charm and ease
  • Learn to develop a sense of humour in your communication 

Expected Results

After completing this comprehensive 12-week program, you can expect:

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What makes us different


Dedicated Support

  • Your coach will provide personalized feedback, accountability, and support every step of the way
  • Regular 1-on-1 video coaching sessions to ensure you are progressing optimally

Private Community

  • Get access to a private online community of fellow program participants
  • WhatsApp group to discuss challenges, share wins, and get encouragement  
  • Opportunity to practice skills with peers and get additional feedback

Learning Resources

  • Comprehensive multimedia learning materials – video lessons, workbooks, exercises
  • Recommended books, articles, and supplementary skill-building resources

Office Hours & Open Q&A

  • Weekly live office hours with your coach for open Q&A 
  • Get specific stumbling blocks addressed and master advanced techniques
  • No question is too basic – we’ll ensure you have clarity every step of the way

Post-Program Support

  • The learning doesn’t stop at 12 weeks – you’ll have continued access to resources
  • Ability to attend refresh sessions and guest expert workshops at a discounted rate
  • Your coach will provide an individualised future development plan

Track you improvement with our program progress report

  • With our proprietary SPICE report – you will get a complete understanding of your communication style , development areas and a monthly progress report. This report will help you gauge where you are and what steps you need to take to progress in you communication mastery journey

Live speaking opportunities

  • Daily Speaking sessions based on real life scenarios
  • Get immediate feedback. This practical exposure enhances learning by demonstrating how communication skills apply in various contexts and situations.

Experiential Learning with Case Studies

  • By actively participating in case study sessions, you engage in experiential learning, where you can apply  knowledge to real-world scenarios. This hands-on approach deepens understanding and retention of communication concepts and techniques.

Interaction with CEOs and HR Heads

  • Engage with guest speakers & experts who share their experiences and insights. You will gain valuable perspectives and practical tips from professionals who have successfully navigated communication challenges in their respective fields.