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Simplified Theoretical Concepts

Simplify complex theories related to competency assessments.
Understand and apply the top three strategies for demystifying competency models.

Real-World Application

Learn how to apply theory to real-world scenarios.
Receive a practical toolkit for conducting effective assessments in your organization.

Constructive Advise on Hi-Pots

Experience a supportive environment with constructive feedback.
Learn to use assessments to give right advise to senior management towards hi-potential talents

Industry Expertise

Learn from industry experts with extensive experience in competency assessments.
Take away expert insights and strategies that have been proven to work in leading organizations.

Enhanced Confidence

Build your confidence in conducting and facilitating competency assessments.
Gain techniques to overcome assessment anxiety and improve your assessor performance.

Network Building

Connect with other professionals in the field.
Expand your professional network with valuable contacts and potential collaborators.

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Masterclass Date: 
June 9th 

Masterclass Time:
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

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